Starry Group

Compliance Officer Role

Job Title: Internal Compliance Officer
Reports to: Group Directors
Position summary: This position functions as Internal Compliance Officer for each of the Group different subsidiaries in different capacities. As a result, this position has direct access to Group’s Board of Directors for the purpose of reporting and making recommendations about internal compliance issues. This position has the function of directing Group’s employees in compliance and maintaining the effectiveness of the Group’s compliance programs by testing, analyzing gaps and follow up on remediation plans.



  • 1.Document business processes. Prepare flow charts and narrative documents.
  • 2.Identify financial risks within business process.
  • 3.Assist in designing controls to mitigate risks.
  • 4.Disseminating information about controls and educate employees.
  • 5.Perform periodic testing over the effectiveness of key controls. Design testing plan, collect evidence, identify gaps, prepare, and present compliance reports.
  • 6.Support the implementation of remediation plans.
  • 7.Perform ad-hoc internal compliance failure investigations, analyze root cause.


  • 1.A college-level or above qualification (degree or advanced diploma) in Accountancy 會計資歷
  • 2.Experience in an audit firm or as an employee of a foreign managed enterprise.
  • Passion for low tech
  • 3.Experience in conducting internal or external audits, following up with the audit results.
  • 4.Good analytical ability, able to identify areas of risks or non-compliances.
  • 5.Good interpersonal skills working with people of different levels including with senior management.
  • 6.Fluent in written and spoken English at working levels. Able to prepare and present reports in fluent English.
  • 7.Good command in Excel, Word and PowerPoint.


Please send your CV to


Product Developer

Starry Group is seeking a product developer to join our team. In this role, you will help our customers, top international brands from all around the world, to develop their textile products, and get from abstract ideas to producible products. Such products include professional camera bags, school bags, medical textile and more. You will work closely with the R&D team to solve problems in product development, as well as with the suppliers and the customer. This position will be based in Shenzhen, China.



  • Meeting with customers to develop their ideas and come up with solutions, initiating the development process.
  • Working side by side with the R&D manager to solve complex and urgent problems in development and production – in the factory and in front of customers and suppliers.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Proficient in English
  • Ability to find solutions to complex problems
  • Passion for low tech
  • Autodidact, hard worker, able to learn fast.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Chinese (Mandarin) speaker
  • Experience in the textile industry
  • Experience as engineer/designer
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial design / textile engineering / similar technical fields


Please send your CV to with “Product Development” on the subject.


Chief Production Executive

Starry Group is seeking a senior executive to join us as the Group’s Chief Production Executive, a new position at Starry’s headquarters in Shenzhen. In this role, You will be responsible for all production processes across the subsidiaries. You will supervise production procedures in 8 factories while trying to increase the group’s efficiency, solve production problems and reduce time to market. You will report directly to the group’s board. This position will be based in our China Headquarters in Shenzhen, and requires travelling to our different factories.



  • Oversee group’s entire manufacturing activities, incl. utilization, workers, machines integration and more.
  • Help production units bridge gaps and controversies.
  • Solve problems and divide the work between production and supporting units (operations, quality, development etc.)
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Lead and mentor a group of talented professionals
  • Solve complex and urgent problems in production
  • Set policy and define procedures for production
  • Report directly to the group’s board

Minimum qualifications:

  • 10 years experience in production management
  • 5 years experience in the cut and sew industry
  • Proficient in English

Preferred qualifications:

  • Chinese (Mandarin) speaker
  • A degree in Industrial or Mechanical engineering
  • Experience as a production consultant


Please send your CV to with “Chief Production Executive” on the subject.


Strategic Sourcing Manager

Starry Group is seeking a true professional to join us at the Starry Group Headquarters as a Strategic Sourcing Manager, a new and highly visible position with exceptional prospects.  In this role, you will work closely with the group COO to integrate and strengthen our existing sourcing activities across the subsidiaries, and to build leverage for each of the companies.

We offer a competitive package and benefits for the right candidate.

This position will be based in our China Head Office in Shenzhen and requires travelling to our different factories.



  • Develop new suppliers and introduce new technologies for the entire group.
  • Lead materials cost reduction processes.
  • Involve in price negotiation with different raw material suppliers including fabric, webbing, zippers, plastic, metal parts and processing.
  • Implement a new sourcing system to share suppliers and materials across Starry Group’s companies.
  • Set-up suppliers ranking system.

Minimum qualifications:

  • 5 years experience as sourcing manager in the textile industry
  • Excellent Mandarin communication skills
  • Proficient in English
  • Strong math and computer skills
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Well organized, responsible, with strong analytical skills
  • Absolute integrity and loyalty

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in implementing and/or working with sourcing systems in an organization


Please send your CV to with “Strategic Sourcing Manager” on the subject.